solid in Your truth!

i have a friend who shall remain unnamed because he would be embarrased, but if he reads this he will know who i am talking about. (many of you might as well, so sorry jeremy!) opps, did i say that out loud. anyway he shouldn't be embarrased because what i am going to say is good and exciting. okay, now are you ready? he has written a song (a long time ago) and some recent conversations have brought it back to my memory. i will give you some of the words,
show Your truth in me, let Your glory fall, God all i want to see is Your glory fall, bring us truth in unity that we'll see eye to eye, we are Your children but, there are lines that divided. to be solid in Your truth is my prayer for us.
that is the chorus and it is a prayer of mine right now, even though we are christian, and so are our friends, we should still be striving for knowledge of God's truth, and unity through that truth. it should be our goal to see God's glory fall, especially on those who are lost. it is like terry (our pastor) always says, if we are not comfortable enough to share what God is doing in our life with fellow believers, we will never be comfortable enough to share what God is doing in our life with unbelievers.
so i challenge you (and me) today to go out and live in unity, but don't compromise truth, because it is through God's grace and truth that the lost are found!

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