ask permission afterwards

you know we've all done it; chosen to do something then asked forgiveness later if needed. well, Jane has become somewhat of an expert. who knew we learned this so young? the only cute part about it is that she asks permission later rather than forgiveness. story from tonight:

we got home from Bible study a little later than usual. I was getting ben ready for bed - normally Jane plays with pete during this time but he wasn't here - and Jane was in the living room, or so I thought... I finished putting Ben to bed, came in the kitchen, and Jane ran away. Then she immediately came back, smiling, and said, "I ate some marshmallows" sidebar: I usually give her two mini marshmallows after her nap if she sleeps, as she has decided not to sleep more times than not (great parenting, I know.) we left right after her nap (she ate her marshmallows in the car) so I didn't put the bag away. I just left it out on the counter. end sidebar... I said, "Jane, you do not get to take marshmallows without asking." so she said, "please!" After more discussion I asked her how many she had eaten. She said, "I ate four." I was happy it was only four - though Jane thinks four is a lot. So that's my little story of Jane and her little sinful ways that sometimes make me smile.