kickboxing baby

today baby g was extremely active. i was almost late to work because i stayed in bed a little too long just feeling her kick around. she was practicing her kickboxing for sure, pow pow pa pow! all day long it was like that - even now as i type. so far it is my favorite part of pregnancy. 

the trip to st. george finished well. my team did not do as well as i had hoped but they had a good time and i hope they tried their best. the 3rd quarter is now over and we have entered the last 9 weeks of the school year. in many ways i am so excited, but i am a little sad because i won't be back next year. i am very glad i decided to stay home next year and i have many goals i am working on even before the baby comes, but i know i will miss teaching - however long i am away from the classroom. 

geo - challenge is my new favorite game on facebook. i play it a lot, but not as much as gerald (you must play all day long or something... we are out to get you, watch out) i love it not just because i am a geography geek, but because it is good information to know. 

next week i will be turning 25 years old! quarter of a century. 

i have to go read my Bible now, i haven't read it yet today... have a great week! 

st. george adventures

this morning i left for st. george with my academic decathlon team from school. we left at 7 am, which was a bit early for most, and drove 5 hours to st. george - made it with one stop just like i thought. series of events: check -in to competition and pick up t-shirts, drive to hotel, check in, find rooms, unpack, decide what to do next. work on speeches with some students other people from our group went to the gypsom (sp?) gypsum (sp?) mine nearby. 5pm we went to dixie high school so the team could give their speeches and participate in an interview - total time there 1 hr. we had to arrive on thursday for one hour of competition. anyway, we went to in and out burger for dinner - not my favorite this time. we might get ice cream later tonight at the blue bunny or nielsen's frozen custard. right now some students are swimming in the pool. i am watching brian reagan (sp?) right now with my recruits - three students who i asked to come last minute to help our team because three students could no longer attend. so far the airport stuff is my favorite - "now that i see what is in this essentials bag, i realize i was overpacking" 

tomorrow is the rest of the competition. we are supposed to wear our team t-shirts we had made before we left - guess who left their's home? yep me! the most prepared/organized/paranoid coach in the world. it is sitting right now in my dryer because i washed it last night thinking it might shrink - even though i knew the tag said "preshrunk" so i will be wearing the coach polo they gave me today that i may never wear again, we'll see. 

also, baby is doing good. right now i feel pretty tired and my stomach is stretching or something, i can feel a tightness in my sides. i also may have eaten too fast at dinner. we took a photo with just the girl students and i made everyone stand side-ways! it was really funny.  

so that is all for now, have a great day - Bible reading update, Jesus just entered jerusalem for passover, and aaron (moses' bro) just died in the wilderness. 

a bit uninspired

i am very uninspired to blog which is why the posts come few and far between. i recently haven't experienced much that would be interesting to blog about. this week i ate a lot of food, worked out at the gym three times, and read my Bible every day. 

i was very excited about the food because i have enjoyed food more during pregnancy, and i have to eat all the time because i seem to always be hungry. my top favorites: mexican food of any kind, baby carrots, oranges, strawberries, string cheese or laughing cow, and cereal - cinnamon toast crunch or coco pebbles. 

i worked out on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. tuesday was me at home lifting weights and stretching really well. wednesay and thursday were both 1hr workouts at the gym, mostly cardio on the elliptical machine. i went by myself which is normal, but lately everyone stares at me because of my big belly. it weirds me out but i would look too if there was a 6th month pregnant lady working out by herself on the elliptical (mostly because i think pregnant ladies are cute.) 

pete and i are still reading through the Bible. we are in mark and numbers. so far numbers is the hardest for me to read because it is a bit boring. but God cares about the details and i am trying to learn from it anyway. 

pregnancy update: baby g is moving around a lot lately. she doesn't kick all the time, but when she does she kicks hard. it doesn't hurt but she can make my belly visibly move. i really enjoy this part of pregnancy because it is like her signal to me that she is still doing good and growing big. sometimes i sit in bed in the morning a little too long because i like to just watch and feel her moving. on weekends that is okay, but i have been rushing to work most days this week. 

thanks for reading, i will try to put some pictures up soon. pray for me next week as i have to travel to st. george with 9 students of my academic decathlon team for our state competition. it is a lot of extra work for me right now.