every once in while my itunes asks me if i want to update, i usually say yes (out loud i say, "yes itunes, of course i want you to become a better version of yourself" wish someone would say that to me) anyway, the last update brought a whole new itunes to my computer. it displays my albums the same way i see them at the itunes store and it has a new feature called genius. genius will create a playlist based on a song of your choosing and use similar songs from your itunes. so far i have not been pleased with the genius feature - first of all, the genius sidebar displays songs similar to the song you are listening to that are available in the itunes store which would be great except it is very tempting to buy them! second, sometimes when i want to create a playlist a message pops up telling me it cannot create a playlist for this song! that has happened about 10 times, even for songs like johnny cash and such. however, today genius redeemed itself with a playlist so good i saved it. the playlist is centered around "a better way" - downhere which is maybe why it is so good. i think i am just in the right mood for all the songs on the playlist. there was only one song out of 25 that i did not want on the list! lesson learned, i think it will get better as more people use it, and i don't have to use it if i don't want to. finally, have a great day. 

Lord, help me truly see...

"You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore." Psalm 16.11

i have been struggling lately with blogging because every time i think, "oh, that was a fun time, i should blog about that!" i end up realizing that yeah, it was fun but is it worth blogging? do people care? and yes i know many of you would say, "yes amy, we care about the little snippets of your life don't stop." but i say to you: 

i want my life to show something; not the fun little parties, not the annoying happenings at work, not even the weird things my dog does or how many times pete has been stung by bees this summer. those are all important and i value all the people who are involved, but i want what i say and write to be something that shows God to others.

i am challenged this year with teaching my students what a "christian worldview" is (which is another post entirely.) i want them to understand that as we study history we are studying God's plan to redeem us to Himself and the fact that history declares God's glory. how can i teach them those things if i often struggle remembering that myself. i want my life to declare God's glory (i know you would maybe comeback with an encouraging statement like, "oh but amy, it does most times." you are my friends and you want to help me feel better.) this is not a pity party of myself, but a realization that i am not deliberate enough in my love of God. 

i truly want to see God in my daily life. i want Him to be so alive that whatever i say and write on here will reflect that. i need to give up MY worldview for not just a christian worldview but for GOD's view. i want to live, speak, and see the world as He wants me to. i also pray you will find encouragement through my blog, more than it has been lately. love you all