hair cut

it's summer time, so i needed something new. thanks, stacy

p.s. i took both pictures at grounds. (one sunday, one monday to showcase the straight and curly). they are not the best pictures - got the crazy/lazy eye going- because i was surrounded by a bunch of people so i couldn't exactly laugh at my computer (that is how i take the best pictures) i'm sure people thought i was a total psycho as i smiled at my computer every 5 seconds or so, but that's why i love my mac. 

in other news - i love the rain, grading is difficult but i don't have as much left as i thought, and i am glad for friends i can talk with at the coffee shop

have a great day


Sarah said...

Awesome. It's weird seeing you without bangs, but I like it.

Kaytee said...

Yay sexy hair!!!

jen said...

I like the hair. I wish I could chop mine again, but alas, the hubby won't have it.

Don't feel like a psycho, everyone with a mac has taken pictures of themselves with it at some point and felt like a total goober!

Sarah said...

"give em the lazy eye!"
Jadea and I watched that the other day.

Claire said...

Nice! I like it both ways!

melissa said...

Oh cute!!