made it!

i made it through my first full time year of teaching. woo hoo! i turned in my grades and my keys, cleaned up the room a bit and closed up shop for the week or so. the job situation for next year is looking up, more info to come later. for now i am switching from teaching mode to student mode. i start my summer institute writing class on monday. i am excited to learn in a class format again, however, i am nervous about having student responsibilities. with that i must say farewell for now because i need to work on a project for monday. thank you to all of you who prayed for me this year, i'm sure next year will bring untold surprises, we will have to wait and see. 

hair cut

it's summer time, so i needed something new. thanks, stacy

p.s. i took both pictures at grounds. (one sunday, one monday to showcase the straight and curly). they are not the best pictures - got the crazy/lazy eye going- because i was surrounded by a bunch of people so i couldn't exactly laugh at my computer (that is how i take the best pictures) i'm sure people thought i was a total psycho as i smiled at my computer every 5 seconds or so, but that's why i love my mac. 

in other news - i love the rain, grading is difficult but i don't have as much left as i thought, and i am glad for friends i can talk with at the coffee shop

have a great day

man, o man

hi friends, 

it seems like a lot of people did some sort of running today, and i am one of them. now, i did not run 13 miles (go kelli and kimber) or 26 in the ogden marathon, but i ran 6! that is further than i have ever ran at one time. it took about an hour and i had lovely company the whole time (go sarah). because of that feat, i have decided to participate in the 10k 4th of july race in huntsville. if you want to run with me that would be great. i like to run with other people, even if we don't talk, it is just better. 

that is all for now, hope your day was great! especially you, lanie! happy birthday

also, i am already very sore and my left knee hurts a bit so i need to do some serious training before july. 


happy birthday bud! 

hope your 22nd year is better than all the rest! (not that the others were bad, but it would be great if they could be better)

love you

full day

today has been a busy day. 
i got to sleep in (should have gone to the gym)
then we met at matt's shop to give mike his birthday present (a new bike!) 
afterwards we went to brunch at cj's (i ate french toast)
then on to target to get mother's day gifts (i found two good things)
i met with my project group at costa vida for lunch (for my summer class in june)
home to take care of bella and clean up (also made some cards)
off to the coffee shop to work on music for jamaica (and blog)
later to mike's for a party (he is 27 now)
hopefully that is it (oh and sleeping)

also, i have not read my Bible today (there is still time?) so if you see me, ask me how that is going because i am struggling with making time for God and that is what i need the most. i pray sometimes, i think about Him and i even talk about Him to others; but, i don't really sit and meditate and listen to Him. 

so how was your day? i love saturdays sometimes, today was one of those times. the day is full, but now stressful, that's how i like it sometimes (fun and necessity) (and parenthesis) hope you had a great day and to those who post only sometimes... if your last post is from april or before, it is time for a new one!  

poor dog

bella, what a dog. sometimes we think she is so smart, and other times she is just like a little puppy who needs constant supervision. yesterday was one of those times. may i just say that we are grateful she is not hurt more than she is and with that i will tell you the story. 

our neighbors frequently let bella out to play with their dog beau. yesterday, pete was getting ready to go frisbee golfing and the neighbors were out working in their yard so they let the dogs out to play. i have always been afraid of her running away because they do not keep the dogs on a leash and bella has not learned boundaries yet. the dogs are usually really good, and don't even leave the yard. sunday they had a different plan. the neighbors dog decided to run down the road and visit another dog who lives across the busy street. bella decided she would go too, because she loves to chase him. the neighbor ran after them and when beau realized he should run back to the neighbor they began to cross the street again. bella was hit by a car near her rear. she did not get run-over, more that she ran into the car. the neighbor thinks the car was going 15-20 miles an hour. it slammed on the breaks and honked the horn but that didn't evade her from the path she was on (chase beau). the neighbor carried her back to pete and they checked her out. she was walking around and limping a bit. we assessed the damage, and concluded that she was not in shock, does not have a concussion, and no broken bones. she lets us touch her and does not bite or yelp. she does have two sores/cuts one on her chin, the other on her front "wrist." we kept a close eye on her and she seems to be okay. she was scared and wouldn't eat or drink for a while, but now she does. she limps on the front and back legs so we try not to make her walk much. we may take her to the vet today, we'll see. 

hopefully she learned her lesson, and i hope she will be tied up from now on until she learns. the neighbors feel terrible. the whole thing led to me and the neighbor's wife talking for a long time, and we even talked about church and if they wanted to come some time, so i guess that part of it is good. 

so if you don't think it is too silly, please pray for bella to recover quickly and nothing to be wrong with her.