My Husband, the Mechanical Engineer

Often, the kids will ask me what Pete does when he's at work. Well, I am not sure I completely understand what he does and it's difficult to explain ski design to toddlers so they really don't get it. I am proud to say they understand that their dad works hard to provide a life for us and for me to be able to stay home and take care of them. They can tell me the city he works in and the name of the business; so I'll count it a success.

Well, today I was able to show them a few videos that showed them what their dad has been working so hard on the past few years. PowderMagazine published an online article highlighting the new JetForce airbag from Black Diamond. Pete has been heavily involved and it's nice to see the outcome of all the hard work. I'm praying for continued success and safety and hoping he will get a pack of his own.

Below is the link to the article and three videos (in which, Pete appears quite a bit - esp. the last, at the bottom of the article) showing the process in getting the airbag made. Disclaimer: the videos have a loud fan noise so beware of the volume if watching in a public place.  I am so proud of my husband and the many hours he has put into this process - including a trip to Austria last March. He is very humble about the whole thing but I was pretty excited when a copy of the patent arrived at our house with his name on it. Whatever God gives our family in the upcoming years, I am thankful for the 6 years (so far) he has had with Black Diamond.

New JetForce Airbag Changes The Game