my Christmas shoes

no, this is not a post about the song, but i thought that sarah and kelli would enjoy the title. anyway, for Christmas this year, pete and i bought our own gifts for each other to give. i choose to buy some shoes i have wanted for a while now. they are from a company called TOMS shoes. the actual shoes are different from any pair i have ever owned and i like them, but i like them more because for every pair you buy they give one pair to a person who doesn't have shoes (usually a child.) the style i choose is called habitante and they are perfect for me, being a geography teacher. also, they remind me to pray for the less fortunate around the world. i leave you with the words from my shoes:

if the world was a village of 100 people:
1 has AIDS
3 are slaves
14 are illiterate
20 are malnourished
23 drink polluted water
25 have no shelter
30 are unemployed
33 have no electricity
40 - have no shoes
43 live on less than 2$ a day
48 have no sanitation
58 have parasites

remember your Creator - Ecclesiastes 12: 1 - 8 and pray for the hurting in our world

"you see, wendy, you're too grown up"

my jane is six months old, december 10, 2009. she had her six month checkup and immunizations too. she is 26.25 in. long and weighs 15 lbs. 13 oz.

jane is growing so quickly and she changes every day. i feel like peter pan when wendy grows up but he doesn't. i have been in the same six months as jane, but i don't really feel different and she has gone from a newborn to an infant. i love my baby and someday i will write a poem about her. i will write about her hair and how long it is getting, about her eyes and how i can't tell what color they will be, how her smile is the best smile i have ever seen. she truly is our greatest blessing and i will love her always.

jane - God is gracious: and He truly has been gracious to us.

this is a video of jane's happy personality about a month ago: