right now i am sitting in a dining chair with my laptop on a tv tray, watching the tv which is sitting on the floor. our house is almost empty; the only things left to move are the fridge, bed, jane's stuff, and clothes. we no longer own this house but we currently don't own the new one! that also means we only have our car debt and that is it! soon we hope to pay that off (and acquire a large sum of debt called a house.) some issues are unresolved with our new house so we might not sign the papers tomorrow - which means we can't do anything until monday - which means we will have to stay somewhere for the weekend - most likely one of our parents' house. anyway, i love this house and i'm hoping i will love the new house even more. we have lived here three years, made it our own, bought a puppy, had a kid - you know, the normal stuff. i am excited for the things that will happen in our new house. we hope to live there quite a long time. i am going to host my first thanksgiving this year with both our families.

i leave you with some recent jane pics: