sweet prayers

today while i was changing jane's diaper for nap time she said, "pay time, mom" which either means play time or prayer time. we usually pray before bed at night but not at nap time so i covered my bases by saying, "it's not time to play right now, it's nap time. do you want to pray before your nap?" and she said, "pay for friends." now that i knew which "pay" we were talking about the conversation went like this:

me: "okay, which friends should we pray for?"
j: "uh, for... bryson"
me: "okay, we'll pray for bryson"
j: "and wanie (lanie)"
me: "oh, good. for lanie"

i was a bit surprised by these first two responses because bryson is the older brother of jane's friend kael and the last time she saw bryson was on a walk the day before ben was born, 6 weeks ago. lanie is our friend who just moved with her family to colorado so it was interesting that jane would choose to pray for an adult "friend" (she calls everyone friend, even grandma and grandpa) over her kid friends. anyway, we continued on....

j: "and josh, luke, anasten" - the rest of lanie's family - luke is about 9 months older than jane. me: "okay, let's pray for those friends"

i'm sure if i would let her, she would name everyone she knows. so i prayed for our friends and their new house and for bryson and his family and his dad (in afghanistan) to be safe. in Jesus name, amen. instead of saying amen, jane said, "and tank you por aba" ava is probably her closest friend as far as little kids are concerned. i said, "okay, thanks for ava" but jane said, "no, pay for aba!" so i prayed for ava and we said amen and off to nap time she went.

i love the caring heart of my little girl. i pray for myself that i can teach her to always pray for others and to continue to love everyone as her friends. amen.