orange dream machine

i am a proud owner of a beautiful new bike cruiser! the picture wouldn't upload, probably because of copyright, but here is the link: amy's new bike. anyway, i took it for a spin and it is so fun, i feel like i'm in a movie. i want to get a basket for it eventually, but i may have to wait a while. that is my new toy, i hope you can come on a ride with me sometime, also if you buy a cruiser you are automatically part of my awesome cruiser gang, soon to include sadie and possibly sarah h.

have a great day, remember college kids, school is almost over!

they are thinking

this week at work i talked to my geography class about hinduism because we are learning about Asia and focused on India in particular. Also, the Bible class that happens in my room during 6th period is walking through the world's religions and today they talked about hinduism. i have to say that the students in both classes surprised me. in my class we were talking about reincarnation and the cycle of that system, one student said, "well isn't that kind of pointless?" "Don't they die and then realize that they aren't coming back?" i was glad that even in ninth grade some of them had the discernment to know when a new idea was a bit strange and why it didn't make sense. Obviously it makes sense to others, and the Bible may not make sense to hindus, but i was proud that the students were thinking and making observations. the Bible class seemed to soak it in and they were asking questions and being very respectful to the hindu religion. i go through my day sometimes wondering if the students are even "with us" thinking, with their own personality. it gives me hope that i am getting through and affecting them somehow.

in love

he predestined us for adoption through Jesus Christ
for the purpose of his own will
to the praise of his glorious grace
which he has blessed us in the Beloved
eph 1

(i don't know what to add to that,
so read and ponder all that God has done for us in love.)

one step closer

i am one step closer to being finished with school for the semester. i just "finished" (have to edit the final time tomorrow) the last paper of the semester. that leaves 10 items to go! some are big, some are small, but i am happy that paper is out of the way.

two spring breaks in one year! woo hoo!

that's right, as of today i am beginning my second spring break this year. this is perhaps one of the only good things that comes from being a full-time college student and a part-time teacher. in march i had a week off from school, but not work. this time it is even better because i have a week off of work and school! it worked out that way because we are supposed to be "in the field" experiencing what teaching is all about. the good news, my "field" is closed this week so i will be doing my experience next week!

so i will be shopping today and not doing homework tomorrow! the rest of next week i have some lunch "dates" scheduled, and a lot of homework as well.

have a great Easter weekend,

He is risen!

how i live for checklists

yes it's true, i am a checklist person. i write down what i have to do, and when it is completed, i check or cross it off the list. my checklist is contained in my calendar/planner. i write everything down that i know i will be doing that day, including working out, teaching times, school times, and evening activities. yes, i even write down the fun things! i go so far as to color code my planner, teal= fun/workout, chs= pink, weber= purple, church/Bible study= maroon. yes i am weird, but if you think about it, you will have something similar that you do too.

i am glad we all have strange things that give us uniqueness, what are some weird things you do?

have a great night, sleep well.