how i live for checklists

yes it's true, i am a checklist person. i write down what i have to do, and when it is completed, i check or cross it off the list. my checklist is contained in my calendar/planner. i write everything down that i know i will be doing that day, including working out, teaching times, school times, and evening activities. yes, i even write down the fun things! i go so far as to color code my planner, teal= fun/workout, chs= pink, weber= purple, church/Bible study= maroon. yes i am weird, but if you think about it, you will have something similar that you do too.

i am glad we all have strange things that give us uniqueness, what are some weird things you do?

have a great night, sleep well.


Kaytee said...

Don't worry Amy, I totally love "to do" lists as well and sometimes write down stupid little things like "check e-mail" just so I have something to cross off! I am addicted to my day planner and my notebook designated for "to do" lists. :o) Way to go on the color coding!
P.S. Glad that we are now blog friends!

micah said...

i not only have all my stuff planned out... my cell phone is nice enough remind me of it! cool huh?

Ciao Baby said...

why do non-list makers want us scheduled for therapy sessions? i think it should be the other way around...jk
maybe it's because we fall apart when we lose our day planner...that's an awful experience; i'll try the cell phone method-thanks Micah