they are thinking

this week at work i talked to my geography class about hinduism because we are learning about Asia and focused on India in particular. Also, the Bible class that happens in my room during 6th period is walking through the world's religions and today they talked about hinduism. i have to say that the students in both classes surprised me. in my class we were talking about reincarnation and the cycle of that system, one student said, "well isn't that kind of pointless?" "Don't they die and then realize that they aren't coming back?" i was glad that even in ninth grade some of them had the discernment to know when a new idea was a bit strange and why it didn't make sense. Obviously it makes sense to others, and the Bible may not make sense to hindus, but i was proud that the students were thinking and making observations. the Bible class seemed to soak it in and they were asking questions and being very respectful to the hindu religion. i go through my day sometimes wondering if the students are even "with us" thinking, with their own personality. it gives me hope that i am getting through and affecting them somehow.

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