come with me,

i'll take you on a tour of...

which is my grandparent's cabin (view of outside, front porch)

this is how long it is (kinda small, but cozy)

this is underneath the cabin, (we used to play in the dirt under there when we were little)

now we go inside the front door. my parents are currently remodeling the cabin in order to maximize the usage of the space and update the 1980s look. pete and i went up yesterday to help my parents, my sister, and my grandparents work. straight ahead is the back door, bedroom and bathroom (near my dad and pete). to the left is the living room and to the right is the kitchen.

sarah and i in the bathroom mirror

now we will venture upstairs to the loft.

this is where we as children slept at the cabin, many memories and good times in this loft, beware, it gets really hot up there in the summer.

the cabin is surrounded by aspen trees which are my favorite trees ever

outside is also my favorite swing, we had family reunions, good talks, and even naps on this swing.

we could also ride motorcycles at the cabin, i was never daring enough. but i did ride the 70 (not pictured) around quite a bit.

well, that concludes our tour, sarah gives a thumbs up for a job well done. i really miss the way that the old cabin was, but the new and improved cabin will hopefully be around for a long time. this cabin is the place i learned how to ride a motorcycle, make a good snow fort, dig in sawdust for money (my grandma's crazy idea), play space invaders, hide notes in the ceiling so my friend christine and i could come back years later and read about the times we had, and i also learned how to shoot at bumble bees with a bb gun (not our brightest moment, i blame craig).

thanks once again for coming on the tour. we are going to have a bbq later in the fall for grow groups, i'll let you know more later.

ciao from...

(sorry if the pictures are spread out too much, i couldn't control it!)

i hate being sick

that's right, i hate being sick, who doesn't? anyway, i have a cold in the middle of july! it all started with a sore throat on saturday which progressed to full out stuffy, congested nose/head on monday. i took some dayquil stuff, and it only seems to make it worse. now instead of congestion, i have a runny nose. also, i haven't had a fever, and after taking the medicine, i am burning up (not literally, still don't have a fever, but i feel like i do).

i still procrasinate on school work - 4 weeks until school starts
pete likes his new job at williams
the murrays visited, and i am really thinking about going to jamaica now
i like to scrapbook, it lets my creativity go crazy
i really miss grow group on monday nights

that's all, have a great day and take some vitamin c!

it all happens in my mind

here's an insight into how my brain works...

i may seem like a flexible person, but really i am not.
once i have made a decision, when i have to change it i become grumpy and upset. for instance, if i make plans (in my mind) and don't tell anyone about them, when someone else makes different plans (without knowledge of the plans i have made), i find myself becoming upset. then they ask what's the problem, and i say, "oh nothing, i had different plans," which complicates things more. i need to learn to either share my plans earlier, or change them and not share that there were plans to begin with.

that is what happens in my mind all to often.

i wish i was

in a place like this,
surrounded by no one with the water falling down.
i wish i was a better friend,
asking questions and genuinely listening
i wish i was less distracted,
able to finish when i say i will
i wish i was more excited
to finish the summer with great expectations
i wish i was a better companion,
caring intently about his wishes
i wish i was a better believer,
someone who gives all knowing God is Greater
(i wish the blogger was working, but the sections are supposed to have space in between them. anyway, i know that i can be and do all those things with God. i just needed to write it down, and what better place than on the internet for all to see. so yes, i am well aware that it sounds kind of sad, but i am not. i know that as i continue to grow (however slowly) in God's grace, He will sustain and lift me up. so all i can say is thanks for reading and i am a little deficient in the girl hug area, so give it up. thanks sarah for the picture.)

days off, new friend, and capitalism

today was a good day. i almost had the day off again, i worked from 6:30-815 in the morning! i had to cover for someone. after work i went over to the high school and cleaned out my desk because they (whoever that is) are going to come and move it out and put another one in its place. anyway it was 8:40 and i met lanie at the gym. we go to a body pump (weights) class on monday at 9:15. it was good, and i wasn't too sore. afterwards we walked around the track for a long time. we walked and talked about people in our lives that we were concerned about and yet excited that God is moving in their lives. we also talked about our spiritual lives and how we need some encouragement and help in our devotions. we are thinking of doing a study guide of some kind and meeting every so often to talk about our lives as women and wives in God. (if anyone out there is interested, let us know. you don't have to be a wife or mom, but woman is a must) we talked and went to get anasten out of nursery then i went home.

i worked on some school/work stuff. i'm trying to prepare my mind for school to start again. i still feel like a brand new teacher (i mostly am) but i shouldn't be this nervous.

we went to the coffee shop and talked some capitalism with mat. pete likes to have those type of conversations, the ones where he gets to play devil's advocate, i mostly watch.

to finish the day we played frisbee golf, i shot a 10 over with help from a teammate who can putt pretty well. then it was off to taco bell for dinner.

i too feel like whitney in her most recent post, it is good to have the people in my life who God has put in my life. you guys are good friends, and we have a lot of fun. i look forward to creating many more meaningful conversations.