i wish i was

in a place like this,
surrounded by no one with the water falling down.
i wish i was a better friend,
asking questions and genuinely listening
i wish i was less distracted,
able to finish when i say i will
i wish i was more excited
to finish the summer with great expectations
i wish i was a better companion,
caring intently about his wishes
i wish i was a better believer,
someone who gives all knowing God is Greater
(i wish the blogger was working, but the sections are supposed to have space in between them. anyway, i know that i can be and do all those things with God. i just needed to write it down, and what better place than on the internet for all to see. so yes, i am well aware that it sounds kind of sad, but i am not. i know that as i continue to grow (however slowly) in God's grace, He will sustain and lift me up. so all i can say is thanks for reading and i am a little deficient in the girl hug area, so give it up. thanks sarah for the picture.)

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Ciao Baby said...

I've got a hug for you...nice writing