a fun time had by all, 18

well, thanksgiving has come and gone, and i pray you had a great time with your family and friends. we went to dinner at church, and there were 18 people who came and food for 40. so we have leftovers and everyone was full of food and ping-pong. i would like to say that i am not disappointed in the low attendance, but i wish some of you could have come. we played ping-pong and doug brought settlers of cattan and mike won! yeah mike! anyway, i enjoyed thanksgiving and i hope you did too. we have some friends in from out of town and we will be trying to hang out with them while they're here, so call us if you would, even if you are always in town.

i'll leave you with this, "And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful." Colossians 3:15

what i think

i think this new blog beta is fun.
i think grounds is a strange place.
i think teacher meetings are stressful.
i think my car is too cool for me.
i think the mountains are gigantic.
i think my church is the best place for me right now.
i think my marriage is not as good as it should be.
i think the Bible is the word of God.
i think i should read it more.

i think teal is my favorite color.
i think carrie should move here.
i think 70 degrees is perfect.
i think yellow is ugly.
i think i am too serious.
i think i should travel more.
i think in groups of 3.
i think pete is my bestfriend.
i think "crocs" are weird looking.

i think grades are unnessessary.
i think red hair is sexy for girls, not boys.
i think metal chairs are uncomfortable.
i think egg nog is delicious.
i think my family loves me.
i think ephesians 3 is my favorite chapter of the Bible.
i think encouraging friends are the best kind to have.
i think God made me for such a time as this.
i think you are wonderful for listening.

i don't like homework!

i am at got coffee trying to do homework, but i'm not really trying. i have to make a "fake" assessment, and the assessments i already have done won't quite work for this assignment, so i can't even double dip! i have checked my email at least three times and all of your blogs at least once. i am going to log off the internet after this, i just wanted to tell you that i am wasting time and an easy way to do that is on my space. i have checked all my friends, left some comments, and made some new friends. i hope you are all having a great weekend, the thanksgiving holiday is almost here, let me know if you will be in town, perhaps i will see you!

wonderful yet unmotivated

i dunno

"i dunno nothing that i haven't been taught
i dunno, why i was born into the family i've got
i dunno, if i ever had an original thought
maybe not, maybe so, maybe later, i dunno
i dunno how i can end a prayer and turn on a friend
i dunno what i was thinking when i just pressed send
i dunno why i still critisize the things i don't know
i dunno, i dunno, i dunno, but this one thing i know,

your love is better than life
without your love i'm like a broken machine
your love is better than life
without your love it's like a mindless routine
your love is better than life
without your love i'm in another free-fall
your love is better than life
without your love i've got nothing at all"

i took that from my new favorite newsboys song, and i think about it all the time when i'm at work. i want so badly to live my life as if the one thing i know is that God's love is better than life. i'm not sure i do that right now, but i pray that it will happen soon. so i know that a lot of you out there want the same thing, so my challenge to you and me is to think about God's love all the time and try to make Him the center of our lives! ps. 16:11

totally bodacious!

here are some pictures of my cousin and her family. they aren't always like this, but it was halloween. the pictures are awesome and i can't help but share...
she is the normal one of the family.
we love you guys!