i hate being sick

that's right, i hate being sick, who doesn't? anyway, i have a cold in the middle of july! it all started with a sore throat on saturday which progressed to full out stuffy, congested nose/head on monday. i took some dayquil stuff, and it only seems to make it worse. now instead of congestion, i have a runny nose. also, i haven't had a fever, and after taking the medicine, i am burning up (not literally, still don't have a fever, but i feel like i do).

i still procrasinate on school work - 4 weeks until school starts
pete likes his new job at williams
the murrays visited, and i am really thinking about going to jamaica now
i like to scrapbook, it lets my creativity go crazy
i really miss grow group on monday nights

that's all, have a great day and take some vitamin c!


sarah said...

i miss grow group too...good thing July is almost over!

Jen said...

sorry, girl. I hope you feel better soon. Being sick stinks. Something about sitting next to you at church yesterday made me feel happy. Don't know why exactly, but it did. :)

Anonymous said...

The problem with going to school 7 days a week you don't get enough time to recover from illness. Luckily I have only been sick once since I've been down here but It was horrible. Hope you get better.

Whitney said...

I miss my grow group too. I had lots of fun with you at Harry! Hope you feel better soon! Oh, and I'm all over Jamaica!

Ashley said...

I know how your feeling. I had a cold a few weeks ago and also was really annoyed that it would come in the middle of the freaking summer. Good times.

micah said...

drink some water and walk it off..you'll make it ;)actually i've been on the edge of getting sick too. i hate being sick in the summer. it's no fun in the winter either but at least it's more normal.

Ciao Baby said...

...a trip to the cabin might help