days off, new friend, and capitalism

today was a good day. i almost had the day off again, i worked from 6:30-815 in the morning! i had to cover for someone. after work i went over to the high school and cleaned out my desk because they (whoever that is) are going to come and move it out and put another one in its place. anyway it was 8:40 and i met lanie at the gym. we go to a body pump (weights) class on monday at 9:15. it was good, and i wasn't too sore. afterwards we walked around the track for a long time. we walked and talked about people in our lives that we were concerned about and yet excited that God is moving in their lives. we also talked about our spiritual lives and how we need some encouragement and help in our devotions. we are thinking of doing a study guide of some kind and meeting every so often to talk about our lives as women and wives in God. (if anyone out there is interested, let us know. you don't have to be a wife or mom, but woman is a must) we talked and went to get anasten out of nursery then i went home.

i worked on some school/work stuff. i'm trying to prepare my mind for school to start again. i still feel like a brand new teacher (i mostly am) but i shouldn't be this nervous.

we went to the coffee shop and talked some capitalism with mat. pete likes to have those type of conversations, the ones where he gets to play devil's advocate, i mostly watch.

to finish the day we played frisbee golf, i shot a 10 over with help from a teammate who can putt pretty well. then it was off to taco bell for dinner.

i too feel like whitney in her most recent post, it is good to have the people in my life who God has put in my life. you guys are good friends, and we have a lot of fun. i look forward to creating many more meaningful conversations.


Kimber said...

I can completely relate to the last part of your blog Amy. I am finding more and more how important it is to not only have good close friends, but people who have a similar understanding in the spiritual as you, it really does help to see things more clearly, and to know that there are people there to support you and who understand you.

Ciao Baby said...

Pete, are you working this week?

Whitney said...

Yeay Capitalism!