why are so many of my posts titled - update? this is henceforth titled - keeping you up to speed

yes, the title is a synonym for update, but i am in a blog funk still and not wanting to write in more than small paragraphs and bullet points. so, without further waiting (instead of ado) .....................

we hung out with our bike shop buddies at micah's house. micah made a great meal and we got to meet jane's new friends for the first time.
the dads and their girls
the moms and the girls - 5 mo, 3 mo, 6wks

also, jane has started practicing her cheer kicks (don't tell pete) she is progressing nicely (and no, i am not going to force her into cheerleading just because i did it)

our new house is almost ready for a before and after blog post; just waiting for a few more decorations to come in the mail before i take pictures.

we are having both our families and some friends over for thanksgiving this year - the first time at my house. i am very excited, my grandparents are coming and pete's nebraska grandparents too!

in december, i get to be a part of a presentation to the faculty at bear river high about writing across the curriculum. i am a part of the wasatch range writing project and currently the only active non-english teacher in the group so they chose my presentation from the summer institute to present to the faculty. the only problem is the fact that i will have to leave way early to be there at 7:30am. please pray that jane will sleep most of the time and my feeding her (a bottle) won't conflict with the event.

lastly, i love eggnog lattes!

it is harder than i thought to live without constant internet access

i think i just wrote the longest blog title i have ever written. anyway, we moved 2 weeks ago and still don't have internet (the guy comes tomorrow) i can check things on my phone but updating is not practical. i thought that living without tv and internet would be a good break but i did not do anything more productive than i usually did when we had tv. i still wasted time (maybe not as much) i didn't read any books or clean more. i did listen to more music than i normal, which was nice - jane has now listened to all my johnny cash songs.

our new house is so nice - before and some after pictures coming soon. i drove from my house to villa bella in 15 min. today! i think that is a record, and i wasn't even speeding. i didn't have many red lights.

okay, i have a lot of plans in this small window of internet time i have, so i bid you farewell for now