discovery time at our local library

i take jane to discovery time most monday mornings. it's a story time our library does for ages 5 and under (basically if they aren't in school they are welcome.) the "teacher" reads a few stories, the kids "listen." jane just watches other kids and roams around a bit. overall she is well behaved and i think it's good for her to socialize with a variety of kids - even the not well behaved type. at the end of the stories (before we color or do a craft) there is a good bye song and bubbles! jane likes this part because she loves bubbles. i took a video last week of little jane playing with the big kids, enjoy.

interesting quote from my reading today

"un-deify the american family, and say boldly that our children are not our cause; they are given to us to train for a cause. they are given to us for a short season so that we can train them for the great causes of truth and mercy and justice in a prejudiced, pain-filled, and perishing world." - john piper

comments? i'm pretty sure i agree with that statement but there are times when i feel like my baby is my only cause and i get all wrapped up in it. i hope this will help me to keep my life balanced and remember to train her for a purpose and not just keep her safe, which sometimes is hard to do.