a hurt and a praise

hi friends, i pray this day finds you well, may i start off with saying, God is good and loving, and holy. i am always amazed by the stories i hear from other people about what God is doing in their life. today i am doing homework, and i saw a good friend of ours, but he was a little frustrated with something. we got talking, and he is struggling with why other christians don't understand that God is sovereign and in control of everything. he wants them to understand the the more we understand God and His attributes, the more joy we have and the more we grow. i whole heartedly agree with him and i can testify in my own life, that before i really knew what it felt like to live for God and let Him control my life, little things like moving and finals, and surgery would have broken me down. now i know that even though it is hard, God has a plan for my life and He won't give me more than i am able to handle. so as you go out today, remember that God has a plan, and your only job is to glorify Him through your actions the best you can.

so as we are all remembering that God has a plan, i would like to say that we aren't moving just yet. the buyers of our house were denied their loan, so it is back on the market. this is both a hurt and a praise. it is a hurt because we are half-way packed, and kind of let down. however, it is a praise because now we aren't moving till the middle of may (hopefully) so it is not during finals week! thanks for your prayers, and keep it up. it is comforting to know we have so many friends who care.

also, (sorry it's a long one today) for those who were wondering, pete and i are doing well, and our new house we bought is in north ogden, (before the big houses on the hill). we are excited because it is a bit bigger than our house now, and the neighborhood is quite and a bit safer (i think). so please continue to pray that we will not be worried because we know that God is sovereign over all creation (including me)!


jen said...

Oh, Amy, I'm so sorry. With God or without Him, it still is disappointing for you. It is an encouragement though to see you praise God even in the midst of trials. We will certainly pray for you guys, and hopefully now you'll be able to give your full energy to your nine projects and finish school with a bang!

ryan said...

(so many subjects to comment on all of them...) i'm sorry to hear about your house not selling. they should be locked into it some how... like be your endentured servants until they can pay it off or something.

Claire said...

I agree, it's hard when people don't recognize God's sovereignty. At the same time, I know that I am continually learning and re-learning this concept. God's sovereignty is SO huge I feel like we never really get it, but the more we become like him, the more we get close to understanding that he is the ruler of ALL, not just the cosmos, but the hairs on our heads and the diseased pigeons on my balcony. Sorry about the house, but it sounds like this might free you up for more finals studying! And hey- I'll be around to help you move, we can use the truck if you need extra space!

Anonymous said...

You're not blaming the buyers, that's an awesome testimony :)
Ciao baby

Kim-Kim said...

First off, I just have to say last night was so great. I enjoy every moment that I am able to spend in fellowship time with you.
You are an awesome woman of God, to be able to look at things that this world would normally see as something going wrong, and glorify God with it by knowing and understanding that it is all in His divine plan.
And just know that I am continuing to pray for you and Pete, the house, AND the end of school, yay!

Meredith said...

So sorry that things didn;t work out with the selling of your house but like you said, God has a purpose and a plan.
I guess school will have your undevided attention after all.
Have a wonderful weekend and know that I'll be praying for you and pete.

mat said...

sorry about your house amy. way to trust in Him. He's got all the details worked out and the perfect owner for your house!