we wish it was our birthday

i would like to start out with saying happy birthday to ryan, your party was so fun!

it is wednesday and i am blown away by the fellowship i enjoy. last night at Bible study we decided that our fellowship does not talk about what God is doing in our lives enough. the things that we read and get excited about, we are scared to share with each other for one reason or another. but i want you to know that i love it when people share what they are learning or what they read or discover about God with me! it makes me so happy for you and it makes me want to enjoy that joy right along with you. so please share your thoughts in a comment, or the next time you see me, i want our friendships to grow in an understanding of God's love. so please walk with me in this new adventure, and maybe soon we won't feel nervous to talk about the love of our souls.


your hermana said...

i completely agree with you! come help me get ready for prom on saturday!

Kim-Kim said...

So true Amy. I love sharing how God is changing lives with each other, although it can be quite scary to make yourself that vulnerable to someone sometimes.
But, it is ALSO great to have friends like you that I feel completely comfortable sharing my "spiritual secrets" with.
I love you!