my new music

hey all, today i thought i would tell you a little about what music i am listing to lately. recently pete and i were convicted about how many burned cds we "own" and felt we should help out the bands by actually buying the cds. anyway one of the bands i have had a burned cd of forever is downhere. they have two cds which are awesome and are coming out with a third, may 23rd. i don't even know who to compare them to, but give them a listen and i'm sure you'll like it. check out their site, i put it on my links section. also, they have a blog, it is really good. so that is my new favorite band, what are some of yours?

have a wonderful day or night, whichever, and i'll see you soon


Anonymous said...

Newsboys are one of my favorites...Adoration, Take me to Your Leader, Shine the Hits-(Tammy was saved at this concert:) Love Liberty Disco, Steppin UP to the Microphone-(My Third Christian concert in SLC- it was great) Ciao Baby

Crazy Craig said...

oh amy this is your brother, I just created a blog and wanted to tell you. It isn't that cool, work in progress. the website is