this one's for the girls!

sorry to all you boys reading this, but maybe it will give you insight into what girls are like. today i went shopping with some of the girls. we went to newgate mall because i have a gift card that is good for every store in the mall! anyway, it was a good time. i purchased a pretzel from the pretzelmaker, three shirts from mervyns (14.50 total), a skirt and shirt from wet seal, and perfume from victoria's secret for 5 bucks! talk about a good time. so i know you girls know what i'm talking about when i say i am so excited to have new clothes. there is just something about having something new every once and a while. so if you have not indulged in a while, there are always sales to be found, and even cheaper clothes from ross bring the same amount of happiness at the end of the day. so get your friends together, and go have fun.

now boys (if you've read this far), you may think girls are strange, and we are. but if you don't know what to get your mom, sister, girlfriend, or wife for mother's day, christmas, birthday, or just because, get them a gift card and tell them to take an afternoon with the friends and spend it! it will be much appreciated. (it's like real money!)

have a great day all you crazy bloggers, and i'll talk with you again soon. hopefully, in person, but for now, goodnight and goodluck!


Meredith said...

That sounds like a blast. Let me just say that I hate shopping! at least when I'm by myself. My sister Mikaela is really good at finding sales so it's fun to go with her but that doesn't happen very often.
So glad that you had a fun time. Have a great Easter.

Mel said...

I am SOO glad that you had a good time shopping!

Happy Easter!