that is what i think of when i think of spring. today the temperature is in the 70s in utah. it is so loverly outside. i want to show you a picture of my favorite tree at my house. the picture is from last spring, but it looks the same every year anyway. the people in the pictures are my sister, dad, mom, and me. i love that tree, the only problem is that it only blossoms like that for maybe two weeks out of the year.
when i think of things that are beautiful, i also think of christians who are helping each other and spuring one another on to love and good deeds. that was the scene last night at youth group. once again we had a mission group come by and run the show. this time they were mostly in high school, so our kids were ministered to by kids their own age! they are a fun group from sacramento. it is good to see that even though our youth group is small, they can still have a great time enjoying God's word with a group twice their size!
so to all of you who were there, thank you for the fun time, i was really encouraged.


ryan said...

i'm sorry i couldn't be there. i had a choir concert that i didn't sing in. :( oh well, i'm glad we have had so many groups come to minister to our youth group.

Meredith said...

I love "dogwood" tree's. I'm so glad that youth group was good last night. I miss working with kids all the time now that I'm going to a smaller church. God has me right where he wants me though and I love it!!!
Have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

Finally, it's spring!
Ciao Mania

your Hermana said...

hey thats me in the picture...amazing. hopefully i see you before i leave for Mexico tomorrow, if not. Happy Easter!