what tomorrow may bring!

when i was setting up this blog, i put that my residence was "anywhere God leads." at the time that was true in theory, now i know what it could mean in true life.

i'm sorry it took a long time for me to post something new (2 days), anyway, i have been busy enough to not be around the internet much. so in continuation of the previous blog about our house situation, i would like to tell you how amazing God is, and how unexpected are His surprises.

well, our house deal fell through on thursday morning. that day, a couple came to look at the house (we put it back on the market for a bit more money than before). friday came and we received an offer on the house! the realitor that we are buying our house from sold it to the couple so we would follow through on buying the new house. well, not only did it sell in one day, it sold for more than the previous offer, so in the end we come up with a couple more thousand than we were planning on. so not only to we have some extra (needed) cash coming our way, we are now moving around june 9th. this is good because it is not during finals week like before, it is the day after i finish my summer classes. so i will be school free when we move!

so thanks for your prayers. i am glad that we trusted God to take care of our needs, He truly is our provider, and He knows our struggles better than we do.

that's the update, so our praises are all for God, His timing, and His plan. pray that we can continue to trust Him, because we never know what tomorrow may bring!

oh yeah, check out the new Bible encouragement on the left side, i think it is truly what our world needs.

have a blessed day, amy-g


jen said...

That is amazing! I'm so glad God orchestrated everything so perfectly( although you had a day of anxiety to be sure!) Congratulations!

Meredith said...

Praise the Lord!!!! God is so faithful. Congrats onthe new house and the extrea money too!
School is almost over. Hang in there and stay strong.
I'm praying for you guys!

Drew & Leah said...

He always knows exactly what we need! What a blessing!


Kim-Kim said...

Amy that is such awesome and God praising news! I am so excited for you to move into your new house, and for what God has in store for you next.
So does this mean that school will be paid for this summer???