good friday to you

here we are, two days before easter the day we celebrate Christ's resurrection, but before Christ could rise from the dead, He had to die, which is why we have good friday. it is amazing to think of all the events of that day for Christ. the thing He came to earth to do was about to unfold. He came and died for my sins, and yours, so that we may live for Him now on earth, and someday in heaven. it is good to think about, and we should do it more than once a year.
this weekend more people will go to church than ever, save christmas time. please keep Christ in your mind this weekend, and pray for all the lost people who will have a chance to hear just how good, loving, and just God is.
as pete and i sit at the coffee shop this afternoon, it is hard to do homework instead of reading my Bible. but if you get a break to read today, read over john 19. it goes through the crucifixion from His arrest to burial. think about Christ's sacrifice today, and my you be moved by His redeeming love.

He is risen indeed!
i forgot to say that back to a few people this week, so when somewhen says to you "He is risen!" respond with "He is risen indeed!" it is a good way to keep the resurrection always at the front of your mind.


Meredith said...

I'm so glad that you know about what to say when someone says "He is Risen" I was talking about this exact same thing yesterday with the lady that I work for. She said that no body in choir at her church knew what to say when she said it to them.
Happy Easter!!!!

micah said...

Amy! well i think it's cool that you said that because just the other day i was hanging out with some friends and one of them was asking why it was good. he said that "it was just the day that some dude Jesus got killed" before i could say something he said "i guess its only good for those christian folk." i could tell he was just messing around but i don't think he really was inside. i think we need to tell people about what really happened. and its cool that you said that.