oh the places you'll go

i am currently working on a presentation for my geography of europe class and this is one of the pictures i'm using. i went to italy in 1999 and i would love to go back. this is a picture of the rialto bridge in venice, what a beautiful city. i think italy is one of my favorite places! i love the culture and the history. if you're reading this, give me an update on a few places you would like to see. so farewell for now, may your day be filled with sunshine and good friends.

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Drew & Leah said...

What a beautiful picture! There are so many places I would like to go, I can't begin to name all of them, but the few at the top are London, Italy, Alaska & Greece. And, as you probably know, we are going to India for 3 weeks this winter, and A & I are going to stop in London for 4-5 days on the way. :)

I love reading your blog. :)