i love weather!

i am currently trying to keep myself from becoming stressed over school. today was the last day of class (yipee) but i still feel like there are two more months left of school. update: i finished all my papers except one, my thesis, i am currently working on it. it is due wednesday by 3:00pm and i'm sure i'll use all that time. the stress part comes in because i have to find time to study for 4 tests, one monday, one tuesday, and two wednesday. so pray for me to do well, and to remember a lot of the information, as study time will be minimal. so all that to update you and say, i love weather. there is nothing we can do to control it, and in utah it is a bit irregular. so as i am doing my homework, i am also thinking about what a nice day it was today. the breeze was blowing, but the temperature was still 67 F, 18 C give or take. weather makes me excited, even a little rain is fun for me to track on the news (no matter how accurate) and the internet. i hope you enjoy weather too, what was the weather like at your house today?

have a great weekend!


Claire said...

How fun! Weather! I'll be praying about your thesis, and all that studying! The weather here is about 48, pretty cool actually (probably cooler than my computer indicates since my hands are freezing from jsut walking around), and yet it has been warm and sunny in the daytime. Much like Utah, but kind of humid. That's the weather here in NYC!

Drew & Leah said...

Our weather was perfect too... 65, sunny and a breeze. Couldn't ask for more! We will be praying for you as you finish finals! What blessing not to be moving!


AMY said...

amen to that!

jules said...

sunny and smoggy, cant complain though. im not sure of the exact temperature, though i do love weather as well... all types in fact.
i will be praying for all those things that are in your near future.
miss you!