the girls and their babies! (i think they have names, i'm not sure)

avery's coffee shop experience, she had an 8oz. blended chocolate milk!

we went to the treehouse, and sadie loved putting on all the costumes, she was a bird from mexico.

sarah, as always, crazy! she was riding her donkey all the way to mexico.

i want somesing!

this is my update for you. my weekend was fun and high energy to say the least. i took care of sadie and avery (or abie as sadie calls her) this weekend. seth and jen went to his grandmother's funeral in iowa all went as well as could be expected for them. so much happened, sarah blogged about one such time at the coffee shop (read it). we had a sleepover friday. we watched veggie tales in our jammies while eating chocolate ice-cream. it was fun!

saturday we went to the treehouse in ogden. it was a free day and there were a lot of children. the event was successful even though avery became tired and cranky 3/4ths of the way through (which was better than i thought she would do).

saturday "night" we played with dolls and babies, and i'm almost certain i heard "whats goin' on?" five hundred times. i never know how to answer that, i eventually started saying "what's goin' on with you?" sadie would just giggle and ask me again.

sunday we went to church and they saw sarah again. the girls did well, we sang and fought over who got to sit by uncle pete. they went to nursery and had a great time. lunch was good and oh so tasty. i did notice that i ate less than i usually do because i was making sure they were eating more than they usually do.

we had some good times this weekend. avery's foot fell asleep twice. she didn't know how to react and i would ask her what was wrong and all she could do was step on her foot with her other foot. i told her it was asleep and we should wake it up. she looked at me like i was talking crazy.

many stained shirts and placemats later, we survived and the weekend was a success. i even speak sadie jive and avery babble a little better now. so thank-you seth and jen for letting me keep your beauties for a few days! they really did miss you i promise.

the blogger is not working for my pictures but i am posting anyway. i will put them on as soon as i can!

the lesser of two evils

what am i talking about you ask? EXERCISE, that's what. if you don't do it, you become out of shape and obese. if you manage to get out of bed and do it, then you are tired and your heart screams at you for the hour of torture you just put it through. so as an ode to sarah, i won't ask you to come in the morning anymore, we will find a later time during the day. maybe your body will like you better! "not cute!"

where were you?

five years ago yesterday i was a senior in high school. because of this, i did not have a first period on A days, so i slept in. i was awaken by my mom on the intercom. she told me i needed to get up and come watch tv. this was a strange request, tv before school? when i looked at the screen there was only smoke, i was still sleepy and confused. as i watched the news, another plane flew directly into the second tower. i continued to go to school and the tower fell while i was driving, the second fell when i was at school. it was a strange morning to say the least. as the day went on, we watched the news all day at school. it was good at first because everyone was so confused, but all day made me sick. all we saw was death and smoke. i know you saw it too, because it was on all day every channel.

i asked my students where they were on that day and most were going to school, but they were only in fourth grade so they don't remember much.

i am posting this because i think it is good to think back and remember our own personal experiences on that day. i know you will never forget it regardless of how we were affected by it.

so as you continue on with your life, remember those who no longer do. give a prayer for their families, and for others to come to Jesus through their memory.

one of the students prayed for the terrrorists to come to know Jesus. that takes a lot of courage for a ninth grader to say. i know that i am still upset sometimes, but we should pray for the lost no matter what.

so sorry this is a bit sad, but let me know where you were or what you were doing, and please pray for the lost.

pictures are coming!

hi everybody,

i just wanted to tell you that i am still planning on puting pictures of the house on the blog, but i don't have many good ones (so i will retake them.)

i hope you are doing well, in and out of towners, we miss you!

update-- teaching is fun, yet hard to plan. i am still learning obviously. i also started school, so the work load is no longer part-time (like it ever was!) pete is doing school and his master's project, so he is keeping busy also.

the bbq was so fun, if you took pictures let me know because i totally forgot.

here's my question of the day... we all have times when a teacher or our parent does something we don't like and we say, "oh, i'll never be like that!" why then do we seem to end up doing that very thing?