pictures are coming!

hi everybody,

i just wanted to tell you that i am still planning on puting pictures of the house on the blog, but i don't have many good ones (so i will retake them.)

i hope you are doing well, in and out of towners, we miss you!

update-- teaching is fun, yet hard to plan. i am still learning obviously. i also started school, so the work load is no longer part-time (like it ever was!) pete is doing school and his master's project, so he is keeping busy also.

the bbq was so fun, if you took pictures let me know because i totally forgot.

here's my question of the day... we all have times when a teacher or our parent does something we don't like and we say, "oh, i'll never be like that!" why then do we seem to end up doing that very thing?

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Claire said...

I think because we end up realizing it wasn't so bad afterall, once your perspective changes to more like whoever it was your weren't going to be like.

I hope that things continue to go well as you juggle so many great things! I'm so excited for you!