Two weeks ago I gave little Benjamin his first haircut. Yep, me. All by myself! I am proud of the fact that I didn't ruin his hair and it looks moderately good. I watched a Youtube video about giving boys haircuts and I remembered some tips from my good buddy stacy - such as the "point cut." I sat him on the bathroom counter in the Bumbo with a few toys and I started out on the bottom part near his neck with electric trimmers - yikes he is a moving baby and that was nerve racking. When I cut a bit too short near his right ear it was time to say good-bye to trimmers and hello scissors. Surprisingly the scissors weren't as scary as I thought and I could control them in relation to his movement much easier than the trimmers. I just kept cutting and snipping until I thought it was cleaned up enough and presentable to the world. It was pretty fun. I can see how you could get lost in the act of cutting hair - sort of the same feeling I get when I sit down to color with Jane. I am glad I can cut his hair myself but I need to learn more if it's going to become a regular thing; it is already getting long near the ears. Here are some before, during, and after pictures:  

His before hair, still cute but getting shaggy and in his eyes

half way through I remembered to take pictures

Like I said, he moves a lot so the pictures aren't great

He was ready to be out of the seat but I managed to get a few pictures 

side view. I didn't have to cut the back except at the neck because it's not that long yet

post bath. He can almost do the fohawk again but it's still a little too long

This is how ben combs his hair

He likes to show off this side verses the side I messed up on :) 

and about one week later, my happy baby with his hair out of his face