5 down, 0 to go!

yes, that's right. i am officially finished with spring semester 2006!!! i still have two classes this summer but they won't be anything compared to this sememster. i also will continue on sometime with the education program, but not for now!

so now you know, thanks to all of you for praying, i hope to see you sometime and just talk at the coffee shop instead of doing homework!

i'm off to take a much needed nap, and fix dinner for pete (it's been a long time)!

God's blessings on you,


jen said...

Congratulations! You must be so relieved...hope you enjoy your well-deserved nap.

your Hermana said...

way to pull through! I only have 27 days left! hurray! but it's smooth sailing from here since all of my AP tests are over with!

Drew & Leah said...

What a great feeling!! I remember coming out of my last final my senior year... there were 14 of us and we all ran down the hall screaming. And one of my friends had baked a cake that said F is for Fantastic!! :)


Kim-Kim said...

Congratulations miss Amy, I am so proud of you!
See you tomorrow night!

jules said...

yesss! that is such a relief. i hope you enjoy the break and a nice dinner with pete.

ryan said...

you there! post!