think about this!

this post is a warm-up for some up and coming posts. the Bible study that pete and i go to is really good, full of learning, and fellowship, and of! anyway the part i want you to think about is our next topic mostly for this summer. we are going to be studying the life of Christ and how we can strive to be as He was, as well as some parables.

the subject for next week to jump start our brains, is not the birth, but the calling of the disciples. Christ had friends just like you and me, and He took them everywhere (almost) with Him. so why did He pick those men? what qualities did they bring to the team, or was it just for kicks (of course not). anyway, think on this, and i will post more this week on what i find in my studies, and look forward to your comments.

i'm enjoying summer classes by the way, have a great day filled with God's beauty in whatever you do.

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sarah said...

i'm excited to come to bible study and learn how Christ was, so that i can become the perfect image of Christ! i love you