six weird things and habits

so here it is... my weirdness, as a result of being tagged. things that should stay with me but i will tell a few to you.

1. i count things in my mind all the time. like if there are candies out on a table, i look at them and before i know it i am counting them. when i am at work, if i am in a room full of children, i count them (usually for safety reasons) but the weird part is i count them again not two minutes later, (even if there are only three) when nothing has changed. so number one weirdness, i count random things over and over.

2. (it was hard to think of these, so there may not be six) i smell things a lot. i love smells, perhaps my favorite sense, but it is weird. i smell my food before eating it. i smell my skin randomly to see if i still smell like my lotion or perfume. i smell people if they are standing too close, so if you don't want me to smell you, don't stand too close (especially if you have perfume or cologne).

3. this one is a bit of a stretch because mat said i wasn't allowed to use ones that have been done by someone else. i have routines for everything i do! so kimber's shower thing, i do that, and meredith's routine stuff, i do that too. i pretty much have a routine for everything. even the steps to getting in my car and driving go in the same order every time (down to get in turn key, then close door, put on seat belt, then check mirrors, then drive away) silly i know, but i do it for everything, just watch me set up my computer at the coffee shop and it is the same every time!

4. i also get overly excited for small things. many people may think i am being sarcastic by how excited i get over the dumbest subjects or activities, but i'm not. so if i get excited over going to the store, it's okay, i am just that way.

5. i don't like the doctor. i like the dentist, and i don't mind the eye doctor, even the "girl" doctor. but i get so nervous to go to just the normal doctor for a check up. even if i'm sick i don't go to the doctor until it's really bad because i am hoping it will go away before i have to go to the appointment. i really just don't like it.

6. i can't think of anymore, so this one is up to you. if you know of a weird thing i always do, just post it in a comment, or tell me next time i see you. that would be fun to know what others say.

so there it is, i already tagged others and good job on the weirdness. i like finding out what others do, because those are the things that make us unique.

have a great holiday, amy-g


Meredith said...

Great to see an update from you Amy! I hope you're having a great weekend. Talk with you soon.

sarah said...

i don't like doctors either, they creep me out. i only like girl doctors, but even then, gross!

Ciao Baby said...

Don't you have a bedtime routine or is it just plop on the bed and your out?