1 down, 4 to go!

well, i am happy to say that i am officially done with my first final! it was pretty hard, it took an hour and a half of the two hours. but now it's done and i can focus on the up and coming finals looming in my future. so thanks for your prayers, i have one on tuesday, and two tests wednesday as well as my paper so please keep praying.

another note, many of you have blogged already about the twins, and i would like to say i am proud of my geography buddies. that's right, if the nfl didn't work out, they would have graduated in geography, lucky for them it did! anyway, keep them in your prayers at this time as well, this is so exciting, but they have a lot of big decisions to make.

i would also like to say bon'voyage to micah who leaves tomorrow for basic training! pray that he can stay strong in the Lord in the midst of all the ungodly things around him.

that's all for now, may you be blessed by knowing you are a child of the King, and no one can change that, not even you!



Ciao Baby said...

Big hug for that one.

jen said...

Keep going...you're almost done...fight to the finish....woohooo! You are so close! (Can you see me kicking my legs in the air?!)

Mel said...


GOOOOOOOO Amy! (Remind you of our cheer days?)

Kim-Kim said...

Man, you are a trooper, that's all I have to say.
I can't wait to see you on Friday after you have graduated (ok, minus the two classes for the summer, but who cares about those anyway? he he)