still here

just so you all know, i am still posting, and my weekend was filled with fun and i even have some pictures. the problem is that the cable to download the pictures from my camera is in a box somewhere in my basement, but i will find it! this week is hectic with school, and i don't know how many times i will be able to post, but for sure when the pictures can be downloaded you will see the fun we (me, pete, mat, sarah, glendon, and my mom) had on our hike up waterfall canyon on sunday, it was beautiful! have a great week, and i have a prayer request if you remember. my friend "e" needs some prayer for some hard times in her life right now. she is visiting utah, and i will talk with her on thursday, so pray that i can be an encouragement, and she can lean even more on God and His comfort during this time. thanks,

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