it's 4:10 am and i finished feeding benjamin. now he is wide awake and i am waiting for him to get drowsy enough to sleep. he seems to be bothered by the dark; he fusses more in his crib if the light is off than if i leave the lamp on. he likes to stare at the circle designs on his bedding as he falls asleep so maybe he gets frustrated that they go away once the light is off.

he is a great sleeper. at a week old we took him to the pediatrician and he was already past his birth weight (from 9lb 2oz to 9lb 6oz) so she said i could start letting him sleep through the night and no longer wake him up to feed at night. he had two nights that he slept 8 hours! usually his average is a five hour stretch - which is about four hours of sleep for me.

God has given me another child that sleeps well (though he is a lazy eater like jane was) and for that i am very grateful.