January 2013

My goal for two-thousand thirteen is to write one blog post a month. I know, for some people that's not much, but for me it's a lot - I mean this post for January is coming in mid-February.


I have a few new journals this year. I have always loved the idea of journals, but lately I haven't been great at actually using them. For my second pregnancy and first baby (trying to be a bit more private on the blog with names & such - though there will still be pictures every now and again) I had a small moleskine I wrote messages and notes to her. I wrote my thoughts, feelings, symptoms, updates on doctor visits, pretty much everything. After she was born the posts became more sporadic, but I was still able to capture her first year in that one journal. It now resides safely in our safety deposit box. Along came third pregnancy and second baby. This time it was much more difficult to make time to write. I kept a log on my phone with cute things he would do and milestones, but most are still waiting to be written. I don't think I've written in his journal for over a year. 

In that time (about 4 years so far) my journals for my spiritual journey have suffered as well. I know having young kids is an excuse for some but I no longer want to let it be an excuse for me. So this year I bought two new journals in attempts to find a renewed love for journaling. The first is called a Five Year Journal. It contains a small space set out for capturing a memory for each day and each day/page has five spaces for a total of five years. I have been enjoying the freedom of capturing bits of our day or funny/intelligent things the kids say and do without the pressure of filling pages and pages with detail. One step at a time! 

The second journal I purchased (both were Christmas presents for myself from my family) is a moleskine daily diary. They come in a variety of colors, which I love. I chose the larger, kelly green and I love it! It has a bunch of fun extras that moleskine always offers but mostly it has a page per day. I have read through the gospels since January 1. No, I haven't read every day on the day but I have enjoyed it and not felt burdened as before. The journal came with an address book that fits in the back and I have turned it into a prayer journal complete with alphabetized list of friends and families' prayer requests. 

The person I am is very happy to own these two journals. Here's to 2013 and a great year of thoughts, memories, and prayers written down. Hoping to also do a bit of catch-up on the journals for the kids - we'll see. 

Thanks for reading if you are still following :) God bless your year.