to all who are there, i am sorry i haven't posted in so long. my blogging has been slacking lately because i am not around the internet anymore. anyway, here are some exciting things that have happened in the lives of amy, pete, and friends...

dréa (my friend) had her baby! yeah baby! his name is bryson glen, and he is so cute and tiny. it is exciting because she and robb now have a baby boy, but robb will not be home from afghanistan until august, so pray for their family.

pete and seth go mountain biking every thursday, and they have a blast. we had dinner with seth last thursday because jen and the kids were away and seth needed some conversation. it was fun except i didn't understand the conversation most of the time because it was in engineer!

i started working full-time (thus the no blogging). it is really fun and i get to be with little kids all day. sometimes it makes me never want to have kids, but there are always those few who capture your heart! one first grader even asked to accept Christ's love and forgiveness this week, so please pray for all the kids to understand how important God's love is to us.

our youth group put on a 5dayclub this week and we canvased down-town huntsville with flyers and kids actually showed up! so that is a praise and a pray because we want them to remember what they learned beyond this week.

our house plans are changing yet again, but we have the best realtor so it is okay. the new closing date is june 22 or 23 and we don't yet know who will be buying our house because there are two parties who want it (how cool is that!) anyway, whoever responds first with the better offer wins basically so for now we wait (i'll let you know).

oh, my brother recently purchased a motorcycle, and he is like a rebel without a cause, but he took all the safety classes and he wears a helmet and jacket so it's not as scary. good job craig!

that is all the recent events in the lives of amy, pete, and friends. may you have a great day and know that God is always taking care of His own!


sarah said...

that's a lot that has happened in the last few weeks, it's crazy to think that i was there for almost all of it! wow. have a great day

Mel said...

Hows abouts that friend of yours that is moving to Minneapolis super soon. (July 30th-ish)

I don't know. Just thinking.


ryan said...

yay its good to hear from you again. it sounds like you guys are all staying very busy. so am i, and today i plan to blog about it. life here is soooo good, but soooo busy. but i like it. unfortunately for everyone in ut, i don't blog as much. but thats life ;)

Kim-Kim said...

It was so fun getting to hang out and have some conversation with YOU! and not about engineering!! he he he

Meredith said...

Glad that you're doing well and loving your new job too! Exciting about the house and I can't wai tto hear how things are going to turn out.
Tell Pete "hi" for me! I think about you guys all the time.
Have a wonderful week!

mat said...

i keep forgetting to ask you this, amy. do you know the web address to carrie's blog. she left me a comment but it didn't have a link back to her blog.

Andy said...

Closing is fun. I did it yesterday! I'm a proud homeowner. Good louck with the proceedings. I can't wait to see it once you're all moved in. If you need me to translate the engineer-speak for you, I'll be glad to do it.