God had other plans

i often think of what my life would be like if i just let go of my agenda and tried my hardest to find what God had for me instead. Sometimes i do that, but it is usually because i am forced to by God showing me that His way is better after i have fought Him about it. many of you know how busy i have been lately and it makes me crazy! i have a 2 ½ hour class monday through thursday for four weeks (only three classes left) and i crammed a 12 week class into 3 ½ weeks just to finish before june 7th. june 7th is the first day i start work full-time this summer and it is two days before we move, so you can see why i want school to be over. i make myself so busy that i have to plan everything on my phone calendar so i don't forget it (even the times i make dinner). even though i am so busy, my plans have changed again. i know, your thinking how many times can this happen? well, we got a call and we are not moving on june 9th.

we are now closing and moving on june 30th!

this was hard at first, but i think it will be okay because we won't have to hurry and pack, pick carpet, and paint hastily or take off that much work (july 4th is the next week). you may be thinking, why not just tell them no? well, the catch is that the realtor who sold our new house to us also found this lady to buy our house now, so we would lose the new house if we said no. so for now we can relax a little more and wait. there are good aspects of this change, but it reminds me of how little i control. God is in charge and if He doesn't want us to move yet, then okay. i am going to try to accept from now on that my life flows much better when i don't obsessively control every little bit. so if your plans change unexpectedly, remember that God always has a reason and He has known forever what will happen. to me that is comforting when i only know a little and i just found out today (not an eternity ago)! so keep God in front of you and all the other things on the side will fall in place.

thank-you for praying for us and supporting us in this crazy and exciting time!


sarah said...

it's so crazy/cool how things can change just like that. i'm excited for you guys, and remember that i'm here to help with whatever you want me to!

Ciao Baby said...

Sounds shocking at first - but probably WOFG (works out for good)
You two are awesome and I love ya both.

jen said...

bummer. i hope life calms down for you a bit. you've got to be itching to be done with the school thing. keep on keepin' on!!

Kim-Kim said...

I am totally with you Amy, sometimes I just sit back and think about God's amazing power and how He knows exactly when to put the things in my life that he knows I need at that exact moment.
It is mind-boggling!

ryan said...

hey take a chill pill friend. don't over do it. sorry i won't be there to help you move, i really would like to have been. i miss hanging out with you guys. if you want to take a vacation... let me know :)