scratch that!

okay, so we didn't move today, but it's better this way. in 10 min. pete and i will have an extra 3000 dollars from the earnest money of the "buyer" of our house. at 10 this morning we were supposed to close on our house, so we did our part, but the other party wasn't ready. because this was their last day, we dropped them and went with the next person interested who was very excited and is paying 5000 more than the original buyers. so we jumped the gun a little and moved some stuff, but not enough to worry about. for now we wait for this other gal to tell us when she can close but her deadline is july 21st, so it will be before then. all she needs is an inspection and appraisal and we're good to go.

i know, you're thinking, this is crazy, why even move. but when all this goes through we will pay off the car and my student loan so praise God!

goodnight and goodluck, amy


Ciao Baby said...

you handled it well :) kudos

micah said...

AMY!!! its your long lost Army bud from MO! well things are looking up, (i am on pass) i just wanted to say hey and i'm praying for you. glad to hear you're well. Pete! i can't wait to get back and maybe start biking! keep your eyes open if you would for a bike in the 1000 range. and fyi, im hosting an ice cream party when i get home so start starving yourself because its going rock! well ill talk to you soon!! God Bless

Claire said...

AMAZING! That is so awesome!!!!