shout out to you!

hey all, this is my post after such a long time, but anyway full-time work makes it hard for me to get to the internet to post. i just wanted to congratulate some people...

to my cousin todd and his wife charis, congrats on your baby that is to come!

to suzy, good job at turning 17 ! like it was hard.

to glendon, he moved into a new house on 22nd and it is great! micah and jesse are going to be his roommates as well.

to our friends ben and holly, they were married yesterday and the ceremony was wonderful! they are off to glacier national park for 2 weeks!

to our buds jen and seth, they accepted a photography award for her dad's studio jolley photography! they looked great and will be on tv next saturday.

to anyone i forgot, you are great and i love ya lots! don't feel bad, your time will come.

anyway, this weekend was good, we helped glendon move. it was a good weekend of fellowship for sure. i'll try to post this week and for sure on the weekend. sorry i don't have any pictures. the connector cord for our camera is lost! and i don't own one for my phone yet! but i'll try to get some of our new house when we move. we close on friday the 30th! so pray for that.

thanks, have a great week!


sarah said...

it's about time! jk. hopefully i'll be able to help you move, but we'll see how work ends up.

Drew & Leah said...

Todd & Charis... wow, that is great! I got a letter from Micah last week, he said he is very excited about living with Glendon. I am glad to hear you are still alive!