On this day in 2003, there was enough snow on the ground for a young man to take his girlfriend on a snowshoe adventure.

As is the case today, it was a Sunday. She went to church that morning and sang on the college group worship team. She shared her afternoon plans with her friends before leaving 5 minutes early to make it on time to church service at 11 with her man. Somehow, all the friends had figured it out but the girl was not convinced. They smiled and giggled and the girl went on her way - oblivious. 

After church, the memory of lunch escapes her, they must have stopped somewhere to eat because she has since learned that he needs food/energy to stay a happy and kind man. 

The destination was Snowbasin's lower parking lot. The snow clothes were on, the snowshoes fastened, they were ready. She can't remember ever walking far in snowshoes and was secretly hoping it wouldn't be "his idea of an easy trip." 

But the day was beautiful, the snow was in good condition, and the company was fun. There may have been a few thoughts of being cold or tired but she mostly kept them in her head. 

He knew exactly where they were going and soon the "trail" opened to a wide meadow area. The snow was fresh enough to still sparkle in the sun. They walked out a ways into the middle; his mind must have been racing. Her mind was honestly looking all around for a moose or mountain lion ready to charge. She laughs at it now but it nearly ruined the moment. 

He spoke sweet words to her about their time so far together and how they are better together than separate. At that moment, she knew. The clues fell into place. She realized the little and BIG hints had all been pointing here. 

Maybe a month or two prior, he had "jokingly" stolen one of her rings she always wore. She was annoyed then that it was missing but now sees that he used it to get a good size. 

Just the day before, he had taken her parents out to lunch. At the time she thought something of it but dismissed it because, "Who asks for permission then asks the girl the very next day?" Well now she knew. 

So there they were, she was smiling like crazy - the wind even making her teeth cold - he dropped to one knee and reached into his inside chest pocket and pulled out a white box. 

The exact words escape her but he asked her to be his wife. She said, "Yes!" He took the ring out of the box, she took her glove off, and he slipped it on her finger. They were now officially engaged to be married. 

There they sat. In the snow, talking of life and love. A few hugs and kisses were shared. The glove went back on the hand, because it was indeed cold and the ring was a size too big and how terrible it would have been to lose it in the snow! 

The walk back to the car was much shorter than the walk there. Not only because they took another route but because she was no longer paying attention to the terrain or cold or "moose" about in the woods. 

Before going home he suggested they stop at his parents' house, "since we're in the neighborhood." So they stopped in to announce the engagement but they were all but waiting at the door. A picture was taken and smiles and hugs were shared. 

A young couple, she was 19 and he 23. Seriously, how cute are they? 

So the day continued. He was not finished with the surprise. They pulled into her parents' driveway and the lights were on while joy and laughter poured from the door. Her parents had invited all their friends who had played an important part in her life and her friends too (many of whom were children of her parents' friends.) An engagement party was happening with only a days notice. What an enjoyable day she had. 

God is good and she knows that more today than she did 11 years ago. Their story still continues and in God's sovereign grace, may it continue for years to come. 

The End 

Reformation Day and Halloween

Happy Reformation Day! Okay, it is over now but it takes me a while to fully compose a post lately, so this is what you get when I start the post on the actual day.

Ever since Jr. High (or maybe before) I've been able to remember the date of Martin Luther nailing the 95 Thesis on the door in Wittenburg Germany because of a song my mom used to play (and I do now) by Wes King called "Martin Luther" on his album, The Robe. Reformation Day was just a small act one man did to start a discussion and now today I pray I will continue to follow the Bible and do what God commands over the voices of man. I read a great article this week related to Reformation Day and I'll link it here so you can understand more (though some of you may have already read it.) The Reformation: Trick or Treat?

I also read another Desiring God article on Halloween. I've never really enjoyed Halloween. But this year, we participated in Halloween more than ever before. Mostly because J is in school now and man, it's a big deal in public school here. I volunteered at the school to help with her class party. My game station was bingo. I like to volunteer in her class so I can meet all the kids and get to know them better and some of their parents too. I was convicted by a video floating around on facebook by Desiring God (I admit, we have always like John Piper, he is a very wise man and his organization, Desiring God writes some amazing articles/books/videos for us to learn more about God.) The video, if you you choose to watch it or not, talks about not hiding on Halloween but embracing the fact that your neighbors freely come to your door every year for candy and what an opportunity to share the gospel. So this year I was less cynical about Halloween.

A few pictures of our adventures that day:

J and her class. Little B made an appearance too because he came to help me with the party. 

There were 3 Elsas in her class a few superheros and ninjas and she was Cinderella. 

The principal likes to prepare a performance for the kids before the parade. This year they were ghostbusters. 

My little Cinderella during the school parade. She had "glass slippers" but they weren't reliable for actual walking. 

More of the parade

Brother & Sister: Thomas the Train and Cinderella

Action Shot: He was making a train whistle and she was trying a "curtsy" 

This is what they do when no one's looking: He puts things over his head and she eats paper. yep. 

Fun times at a friends' for "trunk or treating" and dinner

His favorite part of the trunk or treat, the fire trucks were there too!

We are becoming more involved in our community and if it means we have to dress up and parade around the school so I can get to know our new neighbors more, than so be it. I am trying to follow God's desires for our life and living in His grace more and more each day, and for that, I'm eternally grateful.