Reformation Day and Halloween

Happy Reformation Day! Okay, it is over now but it takes me a while to fully compose a post lately, so this is what you get when I start the post on the actual day.

Ever since Jr. High (or maybe before) I've been able to remember the date of Martin Luther nailing the 95 Thesis on the door in Wittenburg Germany because of a song my mom used to play (and I do now) by Wes King called "Martin Luther" on his album, The Robe. Reformation Day was just a small act one man did to start a discussion and now today I pray I will continue to follow the Bible and do what God commands over the voices of man. I read a great article this week related to Reformation Day and I'll link it here so you can understand more (though some of you may have already read it.) The Reformation: Trick or Treat?

I also read another Desiring God article on Halloween. I've never really enjoyed Halloween. But this year, we participated in Halloween more than ever before. Mostly because J is in school now and man, it's a big deal in public school here. I volunteered at the school to help with her class party. My game station was bingo. I like to volunteer in her class so I can meet all the kids and get to know them better and some of their parents too. I was convicted by a video floating around on facebook by Desiring God (I admit, we have always like John Piper, he is a very wise man and his organization, Desiring God writes some amazing articles/books/videos for us to learn more about God.) The video, if you you choose to watch it or not, talks about not hiding on Halloween but embracing the fact that your neighbors freely come to your door every year for candy and what an opportunity to share the gospel. So this year I was less cynical about Halloween.

A few pictures of our adventures that day:

J and her class. Little B made an appearance too because he came to help me with the party. 

There were 3 Elsas in her class a few superheros and ninjas and she was Cinderella. 

The principal likes to prepare a performance for the kids before the parade. This year they were ghostbusters. 

My little Cinderella during the school parade. She had "glass slippers" but they weren't reliable for actual walking. 

More of the parade

Brother & Sister: Thomas the Train and Cinderella

Action Shot: He was making a train whistle and she was trying a "curtsy" 

This is what they do when no one's looking: He puts things over his head and she eats paper. yep. 

Fun times at a friends' for "trunk or treating" and dinner

His favorite part of the trunk or treat, the fire trucks were there too!

We are becoming more involved in our community and if it means we have to dress up and parade around the school so I can get to know our new neighbors more, than so be it. I am trying to follow God's desires for our life and living in His grace more and more each day, and for that, I'm eternally grateful. 

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