Instruments of Mercy

You guys! Today I was able to exercise alone. B went with his Grammy and Papa to run errands while I volunteered in J's class at school. I made it home before B, and J rode the bus home, so I had about 40 minutes to myself. I decided to use the last of the good weather, and my new cool-weather fleeced-lined pants and long sleeve workout clothes from TJ Maxx, to go on a run in my neighborhood.

The hills by my house are tough to actually run so I was able to get a good workout, even though it took me 30 min. to run 2 miles. The run was so enjoyable because I listened to an album I forgot I had. Not sure how I found out about them or if I even paid for it - may have been a Noise Trade find - but it was the best running music!

The words are so encouraging and the music was just the right beat. Now I'm not normally a rap/hip hop fan but having amazing theology in music is always a plus for me. The album is by Beautiful Eulogy called Instruments of Mercy. Seriously, if you need to be reminded of God's mercy in your life and/or get pumped up on a run, this is the album for you! Go find it and I hope it will encourage you to love God more!

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jenkappes said...

I had never heard of this band so I listened on iTunes...never would have guessed you would like that type of music! I got some fleece-lined running tights a year or two ago and while they're not my favorite for running, they're awesome for cross-country skiing, winter hiking, etc (cuz then I can wear them with another layer over them so I don't feel self-conscious).