Suffering Servant

I just finished reading the book of Isaiah for our year through the Bible with the "Bible eater" plan. I know there are a lot of Psalms that have been turned into praise and worship songs but through reading Isaiah, I noticed many verses that immediately brought more songs to my mind.

One of my favorite albums as of late is The Water & The Blood by Dustin Kensrue. He wrote a song based on Isaiah 53. It is so powerful. I included a YouTube video so you could hear the beauty of the song. So, check it out.

His appearance was so badly marred
He could not have been recognized
So disfigured, so beyond all human likeness
That we hid our eyes

Though he carried all our griefs and bore our sorrows
We esteemed him not
But despised him and considered him afflicted
And as one reviled by God

Though all of us have gone astray
Though all have turned to their own ways
The Lord has laid our wickedness on him
His punishment has brought us peace
And crushed for our iniquities
He died to save his people from their sin

He was stricken, and though pierced for our transgressions
He did not lash out
But was silent, like a lamb led to the slaughter
So he opened not his mouth

The might of Yahweh stands revealed
And by his wounds we all are healed

He offered up his soul to death
He poured it out till none was left
He died but now shall rise and surely see

The many he has righteous made
And satisfied, his work surveyed
This man of sorrows evermore shall be

On high, exalted, lifted up
The righteous servant raised above
His mighty hand shall work the will of God

The nations all shall hear and see
Astonished at his victory
The kings of men shall shut their mouths in awe

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