Grandpa Arlan Peters

We lost a beloved family member March 2, 2015. Pete's grandpa Arlan passed away a week before his 90th birthday. He was a great man who loved all of us so much. We love him and have great memories to remember him well. I found a few pictures to share, though most are from my phone so they are from this year.

Arlan and Marge at our wedding in 2004

Skiing at Snowbasin, 2013. They offered free adaptive rides to promote their program. He really enjoyed it. 
Anne with her parents at her 60th birthday party, 2014

Family picture August 3, 2014

Singing time with Great Papa, Christmas 2014
Kids in their Christmas pajamas with Great-Grammy and Great-Papa, 2014
Reading a book to Great-Papa at Great-Grammy's 86th birthday party. This year, Feb. 12th. 

We will miss him so Prayers for Pete's grandma are appreciated; they were married over 60 years. Please pray for Anne too. She was very close with her dad and it's going to be tough to be without him. 


jen said...

He was such a sweet man and he was always so kind to us. We're sad that he is gone. Our sympathies to all of you.

jen said...

Also, I was going through photos to print yesterday and Grandma and Grandpa Peters were in the background of some pictures of Avery swinging on the tire swing. Grandpa Peters was laughing and amused, Grandma looked horrified and alarmed that Avery was going to be permanently maimed :)