First lost tooth

My little girl has lost her first tooth! We've been waiting for it to fall out for almost a week and it has been loose for maybe more than a month. We offered to help her pull it but she kept saying, "As long as it doesn't hurt!" So we let her figure it out on her own.

The day it fell out she came home on the school bus and immediately said, "Mom, I lost my tooth today, at school!" She had an extra exciting day because she was the helper/line leader that day too! She said "It was after I finished getting the hand sanitizer for snack. I wanted to wiggle my tooth and when I did it just came out!" I found out later that she was so surprised and nervous that her teacher had to walk her down the hall to the office because she didn't want to go alone. The "nice blonde lady in the office," as J called her, helped her wash the tooth and put it in a special tooth-shaped necklace to take home. I love that she was able to loose her first tooth at school - they really make a big deal of it. And even though I missed out on a "first" of hers, it's okay because it helps me remember that she is her own little person and learning to live her own life too. We are so proud of our little kindergartner and all the exciting "firsts" we've had this year. 

During lunch that day she said, "Hey, I can still eat like normal!" So cute. Then after dinner, she said, "The librarian asked me today what the tooth fairy will bring tonight? And I told her I didn't know!" That's when I remembered that I was the tooth fairy! So I looked at pinterest just to see what some other people out there were doing. Did you know people actually glue a tiny dollhouse door to the wall in their child's bedroom (for what, the 3-5 years that they are losing their teeth) as a "tooth fairy entrance!" Yep, it's a thing but it was a thing I wasn't going to do so I kept looking. People also have "tooth pillows" - a pillow shaped like a tooth with a little pocket for the tooth that also holds the money after the tooth fairy makes the trade. I found a "tooth box" I liked so we decided to go with a box and I found a free printable, mini letter to the tooth fairy and an envelope for putting the money too. It was all coming together without much work on the "tooth fairy's" part. So J wrote a note before bed: "I lost my first tooth tonight. You may have it if you want. Love, J. March 10, 2015" (yes I helped her think of what to say" but it was still in her cute handwriting. So all was ready and she went to bed. 

I printed one more printout that had a spot to tape money and said, "tooth #1." I remembered another pinterest idea of using hairspray and glitter to make "tooth fairy money" so I did that to the gold dollar and now it was ready! Before I went to bed, I went in her room, retrieved the letter and the tooth and left behind the envelope with the money inside. 

In the morning she came upstairs like usual and had forgotten all about the tooth fairy stuff the night before. So I had to ask, "Is your tooth still under your pillow?" With that reminder, she ran downstairs and found the money. She said, "It's a sparkly coin!" So I guess she liked the sparkles - though they did make more mess than I had hoped. I made sure to tell her "I wonder if you'll get the same thing for the next tooth or something different." Just in case this tooth fairy isn't up to the sparkles and things the next time. She told me the day before that she knows fairies aren't real and so the tooth fairy isn't real. But, I don't think she's made the connection yet that I am the one who sneaks in at night and puts the money under the pillow. I'm glad it's a fun tradition we can have that still has a bit of "magic." 

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