scratch that!

okay, so we didn't move today, but it's better this way. in 10 min. pete and i will have an extra 3000 dollars from the earnest money of the "buyer" of our house. at 10 this morning we were supposed to close on our house, so we did our part, but the other party wasn't ready. because this was their last day, we dropped them and went with the next person interested who was very excited and is paying 5000 more than the original buyers. so we jumped the gun a little and moved some stuff, but not enough to worry about. for now we wait for this other gal to tell us when she can close but her deadline is july 21st, so it will be before then. all she needs is an inspection and appraisal and we're good to go.

i know, you're thinking, this is crazy, why even move. but when all this goes through we will pay off the car and my student loan so praise God!

goodnight and goodluck, amy

2 days to go!

we will hopefully be closing on our house friday the 30th at 10am! if the other party doesn't show up, then we get their 3000 earnest money (so we are secretly hoping they don't.) either way, we are glad to be getting somewhere with the house. if you would like to help in some way, we are moving on friday and painting on saturday! call me if you want to help it would make the process more fun if you do. thanks for your encouragement and prayers, and i'll see you all soon.


shout out to you!

hey all, this is my post after such a long time, but anyway full-time work makes it hard for me to get to the internet to post. i just wanted to congratulate some people...

to my cousin todd and his wife charis, congrats on your baby that is to come!

to suzy, good job at turning 17 ! like it was hard.

to glendon, he moved into a new house on 22nd and it is great! micah and jesse are going to be his roommates as well.

to our friends ben and holly, they were married yesterday and the ceremony was wonderful! they are off to glacier national park for 2 weeks!

to our buds jen and seth, they accepted a photography award for her dad's studio jolley photography! they looked great and will be on tv next saturday.

to anyone i forgot, you are great and i love ya lots! don't feel bad, your time will come.

anyway, this weekend was good, we helped glendon move. it was a good weekend of fellowship for sure. i'll try to post this week and for sure on the weekend. sorry i don't have any pictures. the connector cord for our camera is lost! and i don't own one for my phone yet! but i'll try to get some of our new house when we move. we close on friday the 30th! so pray for that.

thanks, have a great week!


to all who are there, i am sorry i haven't posted in so long. my blogging has been slacking lately because i am not around the internet anymore. anyway, here are some exciting things that have happened in the lives of amy, pete, and friends...

dréa (my friend) had her baby! yeah baby! his name is bryson glen, and he is so cute and tiny. it is exciting because she and robb now have a baby boy, but robb will not be home from afghanistan until august, so pray for their family.

pete and seth go mountain biking every thursday, and they have a blast. we had dinner with seth last thursday because jen and the kids were away and seth needed some conversation. it was fun except i didn't understand the conversation most of the time because it was in engineer!

i started working full-time (thus the no blogging). it is really fun and i get to be with little kids all day. sometimes it makes me never want to have kids, but there are always those few who capture your heart! one first grader even asked to accept Christ's love and forgiveness this week, so please pray for all the kids to understand how important God's love is to us.

our youth group put on a 5dayclub this week and we canvased down-town huntsville with flyers and kids actually showed up! so that is a praise and a pray because we want them to remember what they learned beyond this week.

our house plans are changing yet again, but we have the best realtor so it is okay. the new closing date is june 22 or 23 and we don't yet know who will be buying our house because there are two parties who want it (how cool is that!) anyway, whoever responds first with the better offer wins basically so for now we wait (i'll let you know).

oh, my brother recently purchased a motorcycle, and he is like a rebel without a cause, but he took all the safety classes and he wears a helmet and jacket so it's not as scary. good job craig!

that is all the recent events in the lives of amy, pete, and friends. may you have a great day and know that God is always taking care of His own!

still here

hi guys, just a quick post to say i'm still here and alive. we are doing fine but i am really busy. i started my summer job this week so i am now working full time (close to overtime) and i haven't been to the coffee shop in a few days. surprisingly enough i'm doing just fine (i do stop in quick to get coffee though). as for my summer classes, one is done and only one more assignment in the online class yipee! so have a great day, i'm off to celebrate glendon's birthday with some close friends (i'm not sure who will be there, but it will be fun). bless you for reading this and i'll post something worth while soon.


God had other plans

i often think of what my life would be like if i just let go of my agenda and tried my hardest to find what God had for me instead. Sometimes i do that, but it is usually because i am forced to by God showing me that His way is better after i have fought Him about it. many of you know how busy i have been lately and it makes me crazy! i have a 2 ½ hour class monday through thursday for four weeks (only three classes left) and i crammed a 12 week class into 3 ½ weeks just to finish before june 7th. june 7th is the first day i start work full-time this summer and it is two days before we move, so you can see why i want school to be over. i make myself so busy that i have to plan everything on my phone calendar so i don't forget it (even the times i make dinner). even though i am so busy, my plans have changed again. i know, your thinking how many times can this happen? well, we got a call and we are not moving on june 9th.

we are now closing and moving on june 30th!

this was hard at first, but i think it will be okay because we won't have to hurry and pack, pick carpet, and paint hastily or take off that much work (july 4th is the next week). you may be thinking, why not just tell them no? well, the catch is that the realtor who sold our new house to us also found this lady to buy our house now, so we would lose the new house if we said no. so for now we can relax a little more and wait. there are good aspects of this change, but it reminds me of how little i control. God is in charge and if He doesn't want us to move yet, then okay. i am going to try to accept from now on that my life flows much better when i don't obsessively control every little bit. so if your plans change unexpectedly, remember that God always has a reason and He has known forever what will happen. to me that is comforting when i only know a little and i just found out today (not an eternity ago)! so keep God in front of you and all the other things on the side will fall in place.

thank-you for praying for us and supporting us in this crazy and exciting time!